Friday, January 13, 2017

¡Hola y bienvenidos a la clase de español 5-6! Please make sure that every day you have the following for class:

  • cuaderno
  • pen or pencil
  • ID
  • PRIDE guide
  • glue stick
Our textbook will stay in the class, and much of what we do will be digital.  Remember to always communicate with me if you are having issues or questions:  I will post a general idea of what we'll be doing in class every week.  This can sometimes change based on assemblies, meetings, and the pace of our class.

To be successful you need to also bring a positive attitude, a willingness to try, and an open mind. My syllabus can be found on the website, but to summarize some important points, keep in mind the following:

  • grading is on a regular scale
  • extra credit opportunities are posted every Friday and are due by Monday
  • doing your homework helps you learn because it's about practicing what we do in class
  • please let me know how I can help you be successful!